Practicing Safety In A Fosamax Therapy
Over the years, Fosamax has been the second bestselling drug of the pharmaceutical company Merck in the United States. More or less 20 million prescriptions annually are filled for this bone-strengthening drug. Conversely, this drug has also gained notoriety for its unintended effects; hence, special considerations should be done when you start taking on Fosamax therapy.
Fosamax or in its generic term, alendronate sodium, is the drug of choice for diseases that involves bone mineral density. Unfortunately, in the middle of its longstanding success, ramifications come in the form of product liability suits resulting from long-standing use of the drug. Several affected people have filed reports; but not taking Fosamax correctly could damage their lawsuits against the manufacturer.
The proper procurement of Fosamax would bring about at least two positive effects. It may lessen the risks of dealing with adverse effects while fully achieving the desired effect of the drug. Remember these tips when you are on therapy:
Take the drug exactly as prescribed. Just like the other drugs, overdose in Fosamax may happen; hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, and upper gastrointestinal adverse events, such as upset stomach, heartburn, esophagitis, gastritis, or ulcer, may result from excessive intake of oral Fosamax. Milk or antacids are often given to bind the alendronate substance upon intake. Since there is a risk of esophageal irritation, induced vomiting should be avoided and the patient should remain fully upright.
Take the drug first thing in the morning. Absorption of Fosamax is easily affected by the presence of food or any liquid other than plain water. Drink along with the drug, a full glass of plain water only, not even mineral water and you need to wait for no less than 30 minutes before eating your first food, drinking or medicine even supplements or antacids.
Take the drug in an upright position. The drug has been observed to irritate the esophagus which isthe tube between the mouth and the stomach. You need to keep standing or sitting upright within 30 minutes after taking the drug to reduce the risk of esophagitis. You may have a walk or read a book as long as you do not change to a reclining position.
Consuming Fosamax, like any other conventional drugs, may cause unnecessary side effects; hence, safely administering the drug to reduce these effects would contribute a lot. As stated previously, somepeople have brought matters to legal action and have filed Fosamax femur fracture lawsuits against Merck. This is after suffering a thigh bone fracture resulting from prolonged use of the drug and that Merck allegedly failed to inform its clients regarding these adverse effects.

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